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Our Blog @ Big Blue Pro Located on Sairee Beach - Koh Tao

There are many big questions we ask ourselves in life. Coke or Pepsi? Book or Kindle? Dogs or babies? Should I continue work in a job that I either loathe or barely tolerate working towards an impossible dream of security that recedes ever further into a far flung and increasingly unlikely future as the goal posts continually move and my youth slips away into a sense of disappointment and regret that I missed my chance for true happiness, or become a Scuba Diving Instructor, even just for a year or two, move to a beautiful paradise island and live my life in flip flops, wake up every morning to a stunning view of the ocean, feel the cool breeze on my face as I eat breakfast on the balcony in the company of a dog (or cat, if you're weird) who adores me,  a 5 minute drive to work on a motorbike through zero traffic, up and down gentle hills snatching glimpses of the ocean through the palm fronds, to arrive for work only to be surrounded by people happy because they're on holiday, or happy because they live and work here, too, and it's amazing, spend the day messing about on boats, swimming with the fish, have a permanent suntan, eat tasty, freshly prepared local and international food served up beachside at a reasonable price, drink an ice cold beer, glass of wine or cocktail at the beach bar after a beautiful day watching a perfect sunset, different every time, safe in the knowledge that all you have to do the next day, and the next, for as long as you want, is this.

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The smart choice made, we are then typically faced with more questions, one of them might be... SSI or PADI, or both?

In the past, the perceived wisdom, extolled confidently by any dive professional you might ask, has often been "Do your PADI IDC first and then crossover to SSI because it's much, much cheaper that way."

Well, first of all, cheaper is not always better. If you pay less, you generally get less. Secondly, it's no longer true. It may well have been in the past, but not any longer. Did PADI drop their prices? Hehe, no (sorry). SSI now offer Career Packages (amongst other things), designed to close the PADI 'backdoor' into SSI.

We are happy to announce that you can now choose to the agency you wish to train with based on quality, rather than price. No need to go to another agency first, then come back to SSI having saved some money, sure, but also having missed out on a full SSI ITC designed to prepare you to teach SSI Courses, in an SSI dive centre. 

So, how does it work?

Choose SSI at the beginning of your professional diving career, before DMT, and go all the way to Instructor, you will save at least 41505 THB (based on current Koh Tao course prices and agency fees) compared to going 'the other way'.

If you then decide to become dual certified by crossing over to PADI, you will save 5995 THB overall (based on Big Blue Diving pricing) for choosing SSI first. You will have received full training by both agencies, and you will be a well rounded, well prepared Instructor with everything you need to be successful in the industry. After that, it's mostly up to you! We will help as much as possible, with work at Big Blue, around SE Asia, the rest of the world, but you will have to work hard, be patient and resilient, and earn it.

If you choose SSI Instructor Training and you are already a Dive Master, it's even simpler. SSI Instructor will cost you 35510 THB less with us, compared to the 'other way'. Crossover to PADI and your total bill will be exactly the same amount as if you had gone 'the other way' first.

So now all you need to do is... Choose!

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