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Welcome To Big Blue Pro

Cost effective way to start
Guarantee work as an Instructor
The complete Scuba professional
Big Blue Pro Packages Located on Sairee Beach - Koh Tao

If you’re the type of person who likes to have everything organized when you arrive in a new place or just likes to save a bit of money then check out our packages.

All Dive Master Packages include 2 months accommodation, discounted equipment and free diving for life!

dmtbronzeDMT Bronze - 72,595 baht

For those that just want to get the best value available for the DM Course in the shortest possible time.

Includes the:

  • DMT course
  • 2 month's accommodation
  • basic equipment




dmtsiverDMT Silver - 100,000 baht

Designed to prepare you to begin work as a Dive Master straight away.

Includes the:

  • DMT course
  • 2 months accommodation
  • A full set of equipment
  • 5 week DM internship including worldwide job application assistance and work references



dmtgoldDMT Gold - 109,000 baht

Includes the:

  • Divemaster course
  • All Manuals & materials,
  • Unlimited diving
  • Full set of dive equipment,BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, & booties.
  • Nitrox, Wreck & Deep specialties,
  • 2 week DM internship
  • Worldwide job application assistance & work references,
  • 2 months accommodation.



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